Coaches & Umpires


At Eclipse we think it’s really important that our coaches are continually being developed as this is a benefit to the whole club. We have an extensive team of coaches led by Wendy and Teresa who strive to meet all the players’ needs and allow players to develop to their full potential.

All the coaches at Eclipse are volunteers and we therefore help to fund courses and seminars for coaches that will help with their development. This is subject to funding so if you’re interested in attending a coaching course please speak to the Treasurer or any member of the committee.

We also encourage our younger players who are part of the senior section to help out with juniors. This gives them good coaching experience which not only looks great on the CV but helps them improve their own game.


At Eclipse we pay our qualified umpires although we are lucky enough to have a few of our members who volunteer their time and offer to umpire at no cost. We have a total of 9 league places to provide umpires for throughout the season and so always endeavour to increase our pool of umpires inside the club. To do this we encourage our players to take their beginner award and then help to mentor them towards passing their C award and beyond, using training matches and Junior games for them to practice.