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Eclipse 2 v Prolek Steel 44-42

Report by Izzi Jones

Being our last county game of the season everyone was eager to both win and enjoy the game ahead.

After our well practiced warm-up, we were given our directives; to keep calm, with a new shooting combination we were told to work the ball around and reset when needed.

Defensively, we needed to restrict our players and stick man-to-man.

Quarter 1:






GD-Rachel Cl


The first quarter started slowly. Our feeds into the shooters were hesitant and tentative, giving Prolek the opportunity to turn over ball and convert. Within the first 5 minutes we were 4 goals down, not the desired start, but it gave us the motivation we needed.

As we eased into the quarter, and began to adapt to our new combinations, the ball flowed more easily. Defence made intercepting the ball look easy, with endless turn overs coming our way front court managed to work out the kinks in their play and relax. The quarter finished 13-10 to Eclipse.

Quarter 2:






GD-Rachel Cl


With the first quarter, and hopefully most of the nerves out of the way, we hoped to extend our lead.

Defence worked hard to keep their shooters away from post. They made Prolek work hard for good shooting position and this was vital with two shooters that rarely missed.

Rachel and Khalia made the most of any ball they could get their hands on. Camly bringing turn overs through court with the help of Beth and Ore.

Attack remembered to let ‘the ball do the work’. If the first ball couldn’t go first time, or second time, or third time there was always a reset option. As long as Eclipse kept possession the space would open up and we could feed the shooters comfortably.

With a number or circle edge drives and resets (and a couple of frustrated, forced balls that needed to be ironed out) the ball was fed into our shooters who took, and sank, their shots.

Due to our patient style of play we managed to edge a further 3 goals in front, the first half finished 24-18 to Eclipse.

Quarter 3:

The 3rd quarter saw a couple changes, with Becky coming on at C and Ore moving to WD.






GD-Rachel Cl


With new legs on court we came into our game. Timing improved and ball placement became more accurate. Due to our better timed runs, spaces began to open up and free players began to emerge after losing their defender.

Eclipse began to play effortless (looking) netball. With stronger drives, less hesitant feeds and the confidence to fly for interceptions, the ball drifted from defence to attack seamlessly.

Front court managed to tidy up (most) of the forced balls and as always Ella and Rochelle’s shots found the net. The third quarter finished 37-30.

Quarter 4:

Quarter 4 saw a few changes,  with Ore moving to GK (versatile or what!?) and Katie coming on court at WD and our shooters swapping positions. 






GD-Rachel Cl 


The forth quarter started well, with the continued good play of quarter 3. However, as time ticked by errors began to creep in. The ball flew from end to end with erratic play in between. We failed to adapt to each other’s tired legs, other-throwing the ball and making hard work for our team mates. Fortunately for Eclipse, a well needed sideline and some words of advice came mid quarter. In attack, we needed to keep calm, not panic and be safe rather than sorry (and also to reward our defence for all their turn overs!).

We settled slightly, reseting the ball when needed and giving kinder feeds to our shooters. Despite this calm mid quarter, the play became erratic again and the final whistle could not have come sooner for the tense spectators and players. After a topsy-turvy final quarter the game finished 44-42 to Eclipse.

After a well fought battle, we could only discuss the positives from the win. With endless effort from everyone court, we praised each other’s performances and the team collectively.

PoM shared between Ore and Izzi. With a special mention to Ella and Katie our SuperSubs!

And finally; Helllooooo County 1!

Eclipse 1 v Vibrant Videos

Videos from the 1st teams game against Vibrant for NWKL in January, unfortunately the battery died on the camera before the last quarter so we haven’t got the nail-biting ending of the 48-47 (to Vibrant) game[/x_video_embed][x_video_embed type=”16:9″ id=”” class=”” style=””][/x_video_embed][x_video_embed type=”16:9″ id=”” class=”” style=””]

Eclipse 2 v Hornets 43-29

Match Report by Emma Hook

Q1 GS Orlagh GA Emma WA Becki C Ore WD Beth  GD Rachel Clarkson GK Rochelle
A great start from the Eclipse girls saw three points on the board before Hornets responded. However we struggled to find a level of calm as the play felt unnecessarily fast and unkind passes saw lots of unforced errors.
Score at quarter time, 12-8 to Eclipse.
Q2 GS Orlagh  GA Emma WA Becki C Ore WD Beth  GD Rachel Clarkson GK Rochelle
A fantastic quarter from the Eclipse girls, scoring another consistent 12 goals, whilst limiting Hornets to only four goals. Great pressure from Beth at WD allowed Rochelle at keeper to make a number of interceptions.
24-12 To Eclipse at half time.
Q3 GS Rochelle  GA Orlagh WA Beth C Becki WD Ore GD Rachel Clarkson GK Rochelle
A new unit in attack, meant it took some time for us to settle in and find our rhythm around the physical circle defence. But great hassle from Becki and the defence saw lots of tips and turnovers.
Injury time called by Rachel Clarkson, Emma comes on at WA, Beth moves to WD, Ore moved to GD.
33-21 to Eclipse
Q4 GS Rochelle  GA Orlagh WA Emma C Becki WD Beth GD Rachel Clarkson GK Rochelle
Following injury time in the previous quarter, Rachel Clarkson comes back on at GD.
Patience and support in attack was vital in this quarter to keep possession and win the game. Although we felt the pressure from Hornets especially feeding our shooting circle, everyone kept working and supporting each other, whilst some great long range shots from Orlagh and Rochelle confirmed our win.
Final score 43-29 to Eclipse.
Player of the match went to both Becki and Beth for adapting to different positions and being effective on court.

Eclipse 2 v Raiders 49-41

Match report from 21st January, written by Emma Hook

Still unbeaten in their Senior County League, Eclipse 2s faced Raiders.

Q1 GS Orlagh GA Emma WA Becki C izzi WD Rachel Clarkon GD GK Rachel Cejer

We were clearly nervous as we took to the court with both teams taking time to find their rhythm. Having won the first centre, our attack failed to convert it into a goal and the ball went up and down the court before Raiders took the first goal. A tiring first quarter saw both teams working very hard, with little to show for it. Raiders led 7-6.

Q2 GS Rochelle GA Emma WA Becki C Izzi WD Rachel Clarkson GD Khalia GK Rachel Cejer

Changes on court meant we gained some height in the defending circle. Although the rest of the team failed to support them by defending man on with hands over the ball. Having started the quarter down by one, our patients in attack and Rochelle’s consistent shooting meant we won the quarter 15 – 11, making the score 21 – 18 to us.

Q3 GS Rochelle GA Orlagh WA Emma C Izzi WD Rachel Clarkson GD Khalia GK Rachel Cejer

Another change in attack saw Emma go on at WA and Orlagh on at GA. Although a completely new combination the team worked well to support each other. Orlagh’s fantastic movement down the baseline and Rochelle’s clear front hold made for some great play as we held our lead with the quarter ending 34 – 30 to Eclipse.

Q4 GS Rochelle GA Orlagh WA Emma C Izzi WD Beth GD Rachel Clarkson GK Khalia

The final quarter was all about keeping calm as well as possession of the ball. A change in defence saw Beth come on at WD, Rachel Clarkson to GD and Khalia to GK. Lots of tips and energy from everyone on court meant we were able to push ahead and extend our lead scoring 15 goals in the quarter, making the final score 49 – 41 to Eclipse.

Player went to Rochelle, for her fab shooting and bringing a sense of calm to the court.

Eclipse 2 v Swanley 2 53-31

Match Report from 7th January 2017 written by Emma Hook

Following an excellence end to the first half of the season losing only one match in the NWKL and standing unbeaten in the Senior Kent county League, the second team were keen to continue their success.  The 2s previous meeting with Swanley saw Eclipse 2s win by only five goals.

Q1: GS Orlagh, GA Emma, WA Izzi, C Elisha, WD Beth, GD Rachel Clarkson, GK Khalia

Playing against Swanley 2 in very good netball conditions our second team started off very strong, with flowing movement in the attack and great pressure in defence. A particular mention goes to the attacks’ energy, with great interceptions from Elisha and movement from Izzie around the circle edge to continuously provide options for the circle attack.

Eclipse led in the first quarter 17-6

Q2: GS Orlagh, GA Emma, WA Izzi, C Elisha, WD Ore, GD Rachel Clarkson, GK Khalia

With such a fantastic start to the game Eclipse 2s were keen to push on and maintain their intensity – something we often failed to do in the first half of the season.

Special shout out to Ore who made a number of interceptions in the second quarter. Eclipse 2s won this quarter by 9 goals to make the score 31- 11. A fantastic first half from the squad.

Q3: GS Rochelle, GA Emma, WA Becki, C Izzi, WD Ore, GD Rachel Cejer, GK Khalia

With changes made in both attack and defence, Eclipse weren’t quick to react to the differences on court and played a particular poor quarter. As Swanley 2’s shooters got their eye in and began to close to gap, we lost this the quarter, 9 goals to 13. With the score standing at 40-24 to Eclipse 2s.

Q4: GS Rochelle, GA Emma, WA Becki, C Izzi, WD Beth, GD Rachel Clarkson, GK Khalia

Following a frustrating quarter for Eclipse, Swanley’s shooters continued to sink their impressive long range shots. Eclipse knew we needed to focus and calm our play down to end with some good netball. Although this quarter wasn’t the most consistent there were some great passages of play with the defence calming bringing the ball down court and attack looking into the circle early – Eclipse won the quarter 13-7.

The final score was 53-31 to Eclipse. Player of the match went to Elisha for her great tips and movement down the court.


2nd Team v Istead 60-46

[text_output]8th January 2017

Match Report:

By Emma Hook 

Following a great first half of Senior County league, Eclipse 2s felt the pressure to continue their unbeaten record. Having previously faced Istead early on in the season and only winning by two goals, we felt we had a much stronger team and wanted a bigger win this time round.

Q1 GS Ellie, GA Emma, WA Izzie, C Ore, WD Beth, GD Rachel Clarkson, GK Rachel Cejer

With a rocky start to the first quarter – giving away our first centre, Eclipse needed to regain focus and control of the game. Eventually finding our flow thanks to some great movement from Ore and Izzi around the circle edge, meant we finished the first quarter in the lead 14-10.

Q2 GS Ellie, GA Emma, WA Izzie, C Ore, WD Beth, GD Rachel Clarkson, GK Rachel Cejer

Building on the success of the first quarter. Sticking to our defensive game plan down the whole court ensured we gained plenty of turnovers, which with patience in attack we easily converted. Regular tips from Ore and consistent shots from Ellie meant we opened the gap even more, finishing the quarter with an 11 goal lead. 31-20 to Eclipse.

Q3 GS Ellie, GA Orlagh, WA Izzie, C Becki, WD Ore, GD Rachel Clarkson, GK Khalia

We set out to make our third quarter the best one yet, following our poor third quarter in NWKL the day before. Izzie oozed confidence as she calmly fed the circle with some long range balls into Ellie’s great space. Fresh legs on court meant new energy and new combinations – something we adapted to and utilised to our advantage. Although this was our best quarter of the game, scoring 16 goals, we also let in 14 – their best quarter too. 47-34 to Eclipse.

Q4 GS Rochelle, GA Orlagh/Emma, WA Izzie, C Becki, WD Ore, GD Rachel Clarkson, GK Khalia

With Rochelle coming on as shooter we lost some of our height advantage in the circle, but her clear movement and ability to shoot from long range meant despite our large lead we were keen to keep pushing. Defence adapted from the previous quarter and small feet around the shooter and arms over the ball down court meant Ipstead struggled to feed the ball in the circle. Although energy levels began to drop and we lost our focus towards the end, it was a fantastic team effort for the full hour.

The final score was 60-46 to Eclipse, with player of the match going to Izzi for her consistent calm play, great feeds into the circle and movement throughout the court.


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Q1 Score 14-10 W



Q2 Score 17-10 W



Q3 Score 16-14 W



Q4 Score 13-12 W


[skill_bar heading=”GS Q1 – Ellie” percent=”92%” bar_text=”11/12 – 92%” id=”” class=”” style=””][skill_bar heading=”GA Q1 – Emma” percent=”43%” bar_text=”3/7 – 43%” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output]Centre Passes[/text_output]
[skill_bar heading=”GS Q2 – Ellie” percent=”86%” bar_text=”12/14 – 86%” id=”” class=”” style=””][skill_bar heading=”GA Q2 – Emma” percent=”83%” bar_text=”5/6 – 83%” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output][/text_output]
[skill_bar heading=”GS Q3 – Ellie” percent=”91%” bar_text=”10/11 – 91%” id=”” class=”” style=””][skill_bar heading=”GA Q3 – Orlagh” percent=”100%” bar_text=”6/6 – 100%” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output][/text_output]
[skill_bar heading=”GS Q4 – Rochelle” percent=”73%” bar_text=”8/11 – 73%” id=”” class=”” style=””][skill_bar heading=”GA Q4 – Orlagh/Emma” percent=”63%” bar_text=”5/8 – 63%” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output][/text_output]
[skill_bar heading=”Goals from our centre – Q1″ percent=”58%” bar_text=”7/12 – 58%” id=”” class=”” style=””][skill_bar heading=”Goals from our gains – Q1″ percent=”50%” bar_text=”8/16 – 50%” id=”” class=”” style=””]
[skill_bar heading=”Goals from our centre – Q2″ percent=”71%” bar_text=”10/14 – 71%” id=”” class=”” style=””][skill_bar heading=”Goals from our gains – Q2″ percent=”87%” bar_text=”13/15 – 87%” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output][/text_output]
[skill_bar heading=”Goals from our centre – Q3″ percent=”87%” bar_text=”13/15 – 87%” id=”” class=”” style=””][skill_bar heading=”Goals from our gains – Q3″ percent=”50%” bar_text=”6/12 – 50%” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output][/text_output]
[skill_bar heading=”Goals from our centre – Q4″ percent=”77%” bar_text=”10/13 – 77%” id=”” class=”” style=””][skill_bar heading=”Goals from our gains – Q4″ percent=”36%” bar_text=”4/11 – 36%” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output][/text_output]
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Eclipse 2 vs. Prolek Steel 58-52

Report by Rachel Clarkson (Co-Captain)
Starting line up: GS- Ellie, GA- Emma, WA- Becky, C- Izzi, WD- Beth, GD- Rachel Clarkson, GK- Khalia (Sub-Rochelle)

We were facing possibly our toughest County match to date in this contest, Prolek Steel were recently relegated into the league and have a number of great players. We had a new line up due to illnesses/injuries/Christmas trips, with many of the team never having played together before.

We made a good start to the first quarter, playing calmly, scoring off of our centres. We managed a couple of turnovers at the centre pass and the first quarter finished 11-9 to Eclipse.

Although we had started to take a lead, we had to work hard for every goal. Khalia, I and Beth were working hard to turnover the ball in the defence, we had to keep calm and work the ball in the attack, Izzi, Becky and Ellie often used the reset successfully and the half-time score was 27-22 to Eclipse.

Half-time changes: GA- Rochelle; WA-Emma (Sub- Becky)

A few changes were made to adapt the movement and drives in the attack which paid off with Emma working tirelessly to move the ball down from the defence and to support Izzi playing the ball into the shooters. Newbie Rochelle had some magical moments and shot with precision, Ellie continued to stand tall and consistently sink her shots, mixing things up with a few long feeds in from defence we began to pull away and had a 47-37 lead at the end of the third quarter.

In the final quarter, Steel came back on with renewed energy and were playing hard in attempt to change the impending result. The umpires were pulling a number of players at both ends which interrupted the flow of play and required us to adapt. Becky came on to replace Beth in the final minutes, she played well in the WD position, supporting myself and Khalia with keeping the ball out of their goal. We stuck to our game plan and fought hard under pressure, finishing with a winning score of 58-52.

We remain undefeated in the County league and have finished the year top of the table. We have a well earned rest ahead and look forward to continuing the season in 2017. Merry Christmas!

Eclipse under 16 v Breakaways 21-32

Match Report by Holly Hall 

Eclipse under 16 v Breakaways

After arriving to frosty courts – the ice lead us to have an ineffective warm up and therefore us loosing the match. We started off with a slippery start (literally) – rushing the play and not focusing on the basics. As the match went on we continued to make basic errors which lead to the other team leading ahead. As a team we didn’t chase the lose balls, set up behind, or consistently mark the ball, as well as kept passing the ball across the court. Although our play improved throughout and we had good movement around the circle edge – that wasn’t enough and we still lost. Onwards and upwards!

Eclipse 2 vs Daggers 43-41

Report by Ore Okikiade

Following a cancelled game on the previous day, Eclipse 2 were eager to play. The starting seven were Ellie (GS), Emma, Izzi, Ore, Beth, Rachel Clarkson and Rachel Cejer (GK). Our game plan was to push our players up the court on their backline pass or a dead ball situation and have our arms over the ball to put pressure on and increase the chances of getting an interception or tipping the ball.

The first quarter started slow and our performance remained consistent throughout. We quickly recognised the strategies and performances of our opposition after a few of their goals and our defence, Rachel Clarkson and Rachel Cejer, had to quickly adapt their play to keep Dagger’s shooters outside the circle. Also down the shooting end, Ellie and Emma quickly familiarised themselves with the tactics of Dagger’s defence. As a team, we understood that if both defenders double marked a shooter underneath the post, the other shooter would be available a little further away from post. The first quarter ended at 12-12. The only second quarter change was Becky to C. During the second quarter, the game sped up as we were beginning warm up. Or strengths were in bringing down the ball from the defence and making sure there was a straight-line ball option as well as a square ball. However, bringing the ball down into the goal third proved a little harder as the shooters were not always ready to receive the ball. This was resolved by playing the ball backwards to either Beth (WD) or Rachel (GD) to reset and maintain control. The quarter ended on 13-9 to Eclipse (25-21). After half time, the changes were: Orlagh (GS), Rach Clarkson (WD) and Ore (GD). The third quarter consisted of similar play from Eclipse 2. We had lost some height in both the shooting end and the defensive end however this was made up with speed and agility. As a team, we kept to our game plan and sustained our 4 goal lead (33-29). The combination in the fourth quarter was: Ellie, Orlagh, Izzi, Becky, Rachel Clarkson, Ore and Rach Cejer. Once again we regained our height advantage in the circle from Ellie which gave us more options hen feeding into the circle. And often Ellie could draw out both defenders and leave Orlagh free to shoot. It was proving difficult in our defensive end to keep Dagger’s shooters from scoring as they were very versatile in their shooting techniques. Their GS could shoot from almost any point in the circle and as a defensive unit, Rachel Cejer and Ore attempted to keep her out of the circle or towards the edge at all times. Rachel Clarkson at WD also helped to double mark the GA to stop her from being able to shoot or catch a rebound ball. The last quarter ended on a 3 goal lead from Eclipse at 43-41.

Eclipse 2 v Hornets 59-35

Report by Becky Watkins

On Sunday 9th October Eclipse 2s took to the court in their 3rd Kent County match of the season. The team knew it was going to be a hard fought game against a strong Hornets side so went on with a strong, attacking game plan to work at high intensity and restrict our opponents. Eclipse flew out of the blocks from the first whistle gaining a comfortable 20-9 lead after the first quarter, with Becki J, Emma H and Ellie impressing in the attacking third with their quick ball speed and shooting.

The second quarter saw the same line up out on court and another strong quarter of netball. Strong defence from Ruth, Rachel (Ce) and Rachel (Cl) restricting Hornets, forcing errors and creating turnover. Good through court from attack to defence, incorporating Becky W on her debut for the team, we produced fluidity into the attacking 3rd and an impressive 34-16 lead going into the 3rd quarter. A slight injury to Rachel (Ce) meant that Khalia came on towards the end of the quarter, having a real impact in defence. Luckily it is just a bruise for Rachel and she will be back up and running for the next match.

Quarter 3 saw the introduction of Orlagh into the shooting circle and Ore into defence, both having a good start to their game. Hornets crept back a little as Eclipse lost slight focus on their game plan and the intensity dropped, however Eclipse still managed to fight for a 3rd quarter win (12-7) and the overall score going into the final quarter was 47-23.

The final quarter saw a few changes, welcoming Beth into WD who worked tirelessly to restrict her WA and Ruth and Emma back to the court. Despite the best efforts from Eclipse, Hornets had a strong final quarter drawing 12-12, this did not however deter from the excellent team performance Eclipse 2 put in across all 4 quarters.

Becky W and Becki J were POM, well done to all!