Junior 1

  The junior 1ST team play in the U14 division of the Rising Stars League

Fixtures and Results

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Eclipse J1Crystal Palace BlueRising StarsCourt 4 - BHS
Eclipse J1Breakaways WhiteRising StarsCourt 3 - BHS
Eclipse J1SwanleyRising StarsCourt 3 - BHS
Eclipse J1HornetsRising StarsCourt 4 - BHS
Eclipse J1Club Langley blueRising StarsCourt 4 - BHS
Eclipse J1BeaconsRising StarsCourt 1 - BHS
Eclipse J1Raiders PinkRising StarsCourt 2 - BHS
Crystal Palace BlueEclipse J1Rising StarsCourt 2 - BHS
BeaconsEclipse J1Rising StarsCourt 1 - BHS
Eclipse J1Raiders PinkRising StarsCourt 5 - BHS
Club Langley WhiteEclipse J1Rising StarsCourt 6 - BHS
Crystal Palace RedEclipse J1Rising StarsCourt 1 - BHS
CFXEclipse J1Rising StarsCourt 2 - BHS
Eclipse J1TelstarsRising StarsCourt 2 - BHS

Rising Stars U14 Pink

1Crystal Palace Red77-02397816135
2Raiders Pink74-31461242226
5Eclipse J17403120126-622
6Club Langley White72-597116-1914
8Crystal Palace Blue7007108164-566

Junior 1 Players

PlayerPositionFavourite FoodHeight
Ella JacksonDefenderLasagne5'10"
Tilly KittleDefenderOlives5'6"
Georgina BuddenCentre CourtMacaroni Cheese5'1"
Alice HoweCentre Court--
Georgie CoulsonShooterIce Cream5'3"
Iyunade TugboboCentre CourtSponge Pudding5'1"
Shannon MenteathDefenderTacos5'5"
Sophia SpencerShooter--
Liz WillcoxCentre Court--