Eclipse 2 v Raiders 49-41

Match report from 21st January, written by Emma Hook

Still unbeaten in their Senior County League, Eclipse 2s faced Raiders.

Q1 GS Orlagh GA Emma WA Becki C izzi WD Rachel Clarkon GD GK Rachel Cejer

We were clearly nervous as we took to the court with both teams taking time to find their rhythm. Having won the first centre, our attack failed to convert it into a goal and the ball went up and down the court before Raiders took the first goal. A tiring first quarter saw both teams working very hard, with little to show for it. Raiders led 7-6.

Q2 GS Rochelle GA Emma WA Becki C Izzi WD Rachel Clarkson GD Khalia GK Rachel Cejer

Changes on court meant we gained some height in the defending circle. Although the rest of the team failed to support them by defending man on with hands over the ball. Having started the quarter down by one, our patients in attack and Rochelle’s consistent shooting meant we won the quarter 15 – 11, making the score 21 – 18 to us.

Q3 GS Rochelle GA Orlagh WA Emma C Izzi WD Rachel Clarkson GD Khalia GK Rachel Cejer

Another change in attack saw Emma go on at WA and Orlagh on at GA. Although a completely new combination the team worked well to support each other. Orlagh’s fantastic movement down the baseline and Rochelle’s clear front hold made for some great play as we held our lead with the quarter ending 34 – 30 to Eclipse.

Q4 GS Rochelle GA Orlagh WA Emma C Izzi WD Beth GD Rachel Clarkson GK Khalia

The final quarter was all about keeping calm as well as possession of the ball. A change in defence saw Beth come on at WD, Rachel Clarkson to GD and Khalia to GK. Lots of tips and energy from everyone on court meant we were able to push ahead and extend our lead scoring 15 goals in the quarter, making the final score 49 – 41 to Eclipse.

Player went to Rochelle, for her fab shooting and bringing a sense of calm to the court.