Eclipse 2 vs. Prolek Steel 58-52

Report by Rachel Clarkson (Co-Captain)
Starting line up: GS- Ellie, GA- Emma, WA- Becky, C- Izzi, WD- Beth, GD- Rachel Clarkson, GK- Khalia (Sub-Rochelle)

We were facing possibly our toughest County match to date in this contest, Prolek Steel were recently relegated into the league and have a number of great players. We had a new line up due to illnesses/injuries/Christmas trips, with many of the team never having played together before.

We made a good start to the first quarter, playing calmly, scoring off of our centres. We managed a couple of turnovers at the centre pass and the first quarter finished 11-9 to Eclipse.

Although we had started to take a lead, we had to work hard for every goal. Khalia, I and Beth were working hard to turnover the ball in the defence, we had to keep calm and work the ball in the attack, Izzi, Becky and Ellie often used the reset successfully and the half-time score was 27-22 to Eclipse.

Half-time changes: GA- Rochelle; WA-Emma (Sub- Becky)

A few changes were made to adapt the movement and drives in the attack which paid off with Emma working tirelessly to move the ball down from the defence and to support Izzi playing the ball into the shooters. Newbie Rochelle had some magical moments and shot with precision, Ellie continued to stand tall and consistently sink her shots, mixing things up with a few long feeds in from defence we began to pull away and had a 47-37 lead at the end of the third quarter.

In the final quarter, Steel came back on with renewed energy and were playing hard in attempt to change the impending result. The umpires were pulling a number of players at both ends which interrupted the flow of play and required us to adapt. Becky came on to replace Beth in the final minutes, she played well in the WD position, supporting myself and Khalia with keeping the ball out of their goal. We stuck to our game plan and fought hard under pressure, finishing with a winning score of 58-52.

We remain undefeated in the County league and have finished the year top of the table. We have a well earned rest ahead and look forward to continuing the season in 2017. Merry Christmas!